About us

Concept Space design studio focuses on commercial projects and provides the highest quality services. We have gained our experience for 15 years, cooperating with developers, supporting office space lease processes and preparing interior designs for corporate companies.

Our designs are tailor-made, functional and pay attention to the smallest details. Owing to that, we always respond to our clients’ needs by creating exceptional and unique designs.

We are engaged in each stage of the process, from the interior design, through the detailed design, to supervision of the execution.

What do we do

Space plans

Concept design for the interior of office space and utility rooms, considering mutual relations between the departments, prepared to achieve the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness of building space, taking into account its specific character.

Interior designs

Interior designs prepared on the basis of the functional plan received from the Lessee, considering the technical specification of the building. Preparation of the interior design concepts for zones designed in the form of 3D visualisations. Preparation of the interior design and an initial cost estimate of the design.


Multi-branch detailed designs

A detailed design includes preparation of the documentation enabling the construction of areas according to the pre-agreed interior designs, considering the selected fit-out materials, building standard and compliance with the law.

Functionality analysis of the office space

Meetings and interviews with employees and team coordinating the office lease process. Observation of the employees’ mobility, occupancy ratio of conference rooms, utility rooms. Analysis of the information collected and presentation thereof in the form of a report. Preparation of the interior design on the basis of the information collected.

Supervision of the project performance

Assessment and verification of the assumptions to the design and implementation plan, preparation of the design work schedule, and determination of the design assumptions to avoid future alterations and delays. Participation in the negotiations with the building regarding the costs, standards and materials to be used to perform the project. Analysis of the design evaluation prepared by the building owner and comparison thereof with our own evaluation – refers to extraordinary solutions. Participation in coordination meetings and visits on site, participation in takeovers.


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